—That's all I know ... I assure you, I do not know how he ever... —Sara, the wife of
Alonso, warned to the police chief, inside the police station.
—You must not worry ... listen to me. I can't promise anything, but ... we will try to find
your husband, okay? Just go home, and try to rest... stay with your family —the officer tried
to comfort her.
—Yes, yes —she said, confused, as she rose.
The commissioner made a gesture of understanding, to the present inspector, to
accompany the complainant, at least, until the entrance of the building. They could not do
much. No, at least for now. That particular case had attracted the attention of the same
head of office to such an extent that he felt a bit overcome. The officer soon returned.
—And is ... I told her not to worry, and that it would call ... this is beyond us,
Commissioner —the subordinate added to his boss, patiently.
—No ... we're just impressed with the story of this woman... In fact, even she is sure... we
have to check everything —the highest ranking official of that building, seemed to doubt
—An international disappearance ... We call the general direction of...? —He interjected the
Comissioner, nervous.
—It's obvious you have to maintain contact with the authorities first order of ... I dunno, I
don´t remember the last time I reported something in our headquarters ... well, never mind.
Martinez, I do not want you to do... anything at the moment. I personally call the Deputy
Director... we try to coordinate, but ... this is going to be difficult.
—All right, sir ...
—Oh, remember to bring me the report on that urban painter... Was not it ...? —The
Commissioner had almost forgotten his last suspect.
—Yes, a nickname ... is because your signature ... do not worry. It'll appear —Martinez
wanted to make clear that fact.
—I'm for consolations ... I am old.
—Nom, nonsense. I'll be right back...


—[...] Moreover, the concert ... with success ... will be held in the new sports stadium ...
And now, events ... the disappearance of one of the most important directors counselors
TECHNOFANCE company, has shocked the country's financial circles. Luis Alonso, a
member of the management team of the company in recent months, had made a takeover
bid of Eastern SYKUZI company, whose trading was nearing completion, disappeared
month for a s ... country trip to the promoter, whose motives, as yet unspecified, or
confirmed by our sources, seemed to be related to that operation. It is expected that,
following the complaint, and open investigation, be clarified —presenter's voice unnerved
one of his spectators, watching the news in silence.
He turned off the TV. He could not hear more. Everything ... what happened? Why...? He
tried to calm down ... he pulled the drawer of a nearby table, a specific drug against stress,
that which came clinic had prescribed in cases of uncontrolled anxiety. An
investigation ... ... he would report at a police station. Tiny image ...
—Luis ... fuck, Luis ... what have you done, hell ... just had to ... what happened to you ...
damn. Damn, Luis —Reva was unable to finish a single sentence.
He looked out the window. He was in one of his luxury apartments, resting ... or so I
thought. That sale ... damn ...


He gingerly touched the table. The thin, soft, wood seemed to willingly accept massage
your finger printed, gently, to its surface. Who would have done? He could not even,
guess ... but I sensed that nothing human. A knock at the door ...
—Yes? Happens, it happens ... I guess it's the new report —he wanted to know Alonso,
with interest.
—Of course, sir ...I'll leave here. You know, you should take a lot... —Amyd said nervously.
—Of course ... marche, marche. No problem.
The door closed again. In principle, he made no move to suggest interest in the document.
Not could. Jiang thought. He hadn't spoken to her since she returned from the gala, was
just half a day. Or not. He didn´t keep track of time ... maybe it was half an hour apart,
since the car picked him until he returned to his post "control". He seemed to live in a
timeless plane. Eternal...
—Well ... let's see what it brings, this time ... I hope something interesting.
He was lying. The truth was that he didn´t feel able to read a single line ... How did they
do? Koizumi ... had not even been able to bring him ... he would have to know something.
It was amazing to think of another option. ¿Also appear out of nowhere? No ... He had to